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Change is rarely comfortable
but the results are really awesome.
Start experiencing the results yourself.

…You are unique and you know your thoughts and feelings best.

By holding on to that concept, you can learn how to influence yourself to be more productive, creative, and fruitful. You have the power to create more self-awareness which will help you cope with the normal stresses of life.  

Your brain, however, likes to keep doing things it knows the outcome of already. It knows the people you see, it knows the tastes you experience, the places you go, and it knows you’re happy with that. Which is a good thing too! 

Yet, to be able to learn new things about ourselves and discover more of our abilities, we do need to challenge our comfort zone every once in a while. I Self Coach is therefore challenging everyone to purposefully step out of their comfort zones. To give you a boost, we’ve created our web-app to guide you through it.

This path is unique because it is personalized and always depends on your own personal input. It is educational, yet fun, and approachable. 

4 infinite phases

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