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I Self Coach for Companies

Our goal is to help you create a work environment that is harmonious & creative. I Self Coach focuses on individual growth because the more individuals learn to coach themselves, the more positive influence they have on their environment. Experience how self-coaching can help to cope with the normal stresses of life as well as work.

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Employee wellbeing is not a “nice-to-have”, it is a “crucial-to-have” because employees are the biggest investment a company ever makes. The happier your employees, the better it is for your company’s growth. 

We help organisations to create a resilient work environment by focussing on individual growth, using our Web-App combined with our specialised workshops. 

The I Self Coach Path

The ISC Path is integrated into a web application that helps individuals, especially individuals who have the stress of performing at work, to see themselves more clearly. Learn how to step out of your comfort zone in a fun and purposeful way to activate the prefrontal cortex. Enjoy the result of expanding your self-awareness, be more creative, and productive, and most importantly, be happier!

Growth Journey Workshops

As the founder of ISC and former employee of various big companies, Nafiseh Gholami knows how holding yourself accountable and motivating yourself to step out of your comfort zone, can be scary. These workshops, therefore, provide hands-on guidance on how to motivate yourself and your team to step up as your own powerful life coach. These workshops will be adjusted according to the type of audience and will be interactive, easy-going, educative, and fun!

I followed the I Self Coach program together with a group of people. I really enjoyed the combination of self-coaching and the support of the group and the I Self Coach guider. It helped me to structure my goals and have the right focus instead of wanting everything at the same time. I loved the explanation videos that is supporting the coaching exercises too.  

Maria Johanna

Founder, Choco Bliss

I am beyond grateful to have taken place in the I Self Coach group workshop. Nafiseh, our guider, had an incredible way of making everyone in the room feel heard, understood, and most importantly, safe. After many experiences with “coaches” and group programs, it was a breath of fresh air to join this group. Each individual was encouraged to find the growth and challenges which made the most sense for them, regardless of what others were focusing on. The group aspect amplified the effect because I was inspired by other people’s ideas and reasons for challenging themselves the ways they did. Additionally, I knew I had other people who were excited to hear about how I was progressing too! I highly recommend joining an I Self Coach workshop as a fun way to start stepping outside your comfort zone and a way to get to know your peers/friends/colleagues on a more human basis.

Chloe Handelman

Consultant, Freelancer

Thank you to the I Self Coach Team for creating a new fun way of learning app to help me be more self-aware with myself. With the help from the team and also the tools they have provided, I am now having a more clear idea about my goals by finding out what are the core challenges that I have and how I can start strategizing to work on those challenges in my day-to-day activity.

Kasyfi Reynold JR

Community and Events Specialist