I Self Coach for Universities - I Self Coach

I Self Coach for Universities

A dedicated program for University Students, which actively guides them on their self development journey.
Who am I?
What do I want?
What makes me happy?

These are difficult questions to answer for many of us. It is even more difficult at a younger age when there is early pressure to choose the direction of your life.

ISC software can help students to create more self-awareness and to beat these difficulties ahead of time.

The ISC Path

The ISC Path, which is integrated into a web application, helps students to learn to listen to themselves and to trust their own inner-power. We believe that prevention is the best medicine, and knowing from an early age how to listen to yourself, and make decisions that are mostly empowered by yourself, is what will help to identify any possible signs of burnout and/or unhappiness. It will help grow and strengthen your roots so you can withstand stormy days.


Motivational Speech

As the founder of ISC, Nafiseh Gholami knows how motivating yourself to step out of your comfort zone can be scary. The motivational speeches therefore provide hands-on guidance on how to motivate yourself to step up as your own powerful life coach. These speeches will be adjusted according to the type of audience and can be interactive too.