Listen to your inner voice - I Self Coach
Do you know this moment, when you are just minding your own business, maybe reading a book, writing an essay or maybe having a conversation and then… suddenly, out of the blue, this urge of time freeze waltzes into your life and you stop and think… “WTF am I doing”?

Well, I know I have! So far, these moments provided me a great deal of self-reflection and life-changing decisions afterwards.

The best way to describe a WTF epiphany is imagining as if the world in front of you is passing by but you are frozen in time and space. It is as if you step out of your little box, viewing your world from a sudden great distance, seeing the bigger picture.

I believe everyone has these WTF epiphanies once in a while. The only difference here is what we do with it. Do we take our time to evaluate the situation? And when we realize the impact it has on our life, are we willing to challenge ourselves to step out of that situation that makes us think “WTF”?

Life has its way to get you all caught up. We can easily forget the bigger picture in life, our purpose! As we try to live in the present, once in a while it is also okay to just stop and check where we actually are and ask ourselves; Do I want to be where I actually am right this moment?

As the famous saying goes: “can’t see the forest for the trees”. A WTF epiphany is like a wake-up-call to get your focus off this one tree and reminding you that you are actually in a forest. These WTF epiphanies help us to stop and think, it provides us courage to be open for change in life. The question is though, do we all use these moments in our benefit to actually make a change? Let’s face it, knowing you want to change some aspects in your life and actually doing it, are two completely different things. Why would you even change something in your life? Especially when it is a part of your life-routine for such a long time.

Well, I can only tell from my experience, change has always brought new colours into my life. Even though sometimes the results of a change did take its time, it always has shown me its beauty eventually.

These WTF’s can happen on every scale in life, such as work or even on the love department. Some of these reality checks can come quite hard and send you flying and let you land quite hard on your bottom. It can bring you joy, laughter, sleepless nights, tears and sometimes even heartache.

Not every realization is easy, some you might even wish to ignore. Especially because the change that is required will turn your whole life upside down. Staying true to yourself however is utmost important and especially when it is impacting not just you but someone else as well. It is in these moments when your willpower is being tested, thinking “Am I strong enough to handle this change?” Well, there is only one way to find out!

It requires a lot of courage but with patience and time, you will heal. By letting change to happen, you actually let go and therefore, create space for new and beautiful sights in life.

Personally, I am thankful for all of my WTF epiphanies and the decisions after. Not all of them have been easy, especially on the heart. These changes however provided me one of the most beautiful enlightenments. One of them is this very special project, my company, I Self Coach! So, what will you do with your WTF epiphany? Are you up for letting change to happen?