How to journal for self-improvement - I Self Coach

June 28, 2017 was the date I published my first blog!

During that time, I was travelling through Africa and had the most beautiful experience and clarification in and about my life! Today, after a little more than two years, I have put all my clarifications, thoughts, feelings and ideas into a new dream!

My new dream is my new company called I Self Coach!

I Self Coach is all about finding your own voice from within, learn to listen to yourself so you get conscious about who you are and what you want to achieve in life.

The whole idea again purely comes from personal experiences and methods I have found useful for myself, methods I have created by myself by just trying to listen to myself in what feels right.

I like to take you along my path, so you can read yourself how easy it can be to take matters into your own hands. Be your own proof of concept! Instead of reading success stories of others, create your own story with success!

My very first diary

I remember my 11th birthday as no other day, it was the day I received one of the loveliest gifts from a friend! It was a diary, just a book full of blank pages, waiting for me to write my mind and heart out!

I didn’t know how to fill those blank pages, what do you do with a diary!?! Since it had a Winnie the Pooh picture on the front, I just started writing towards Pooh, as if it is a friend!

I started writing about every little thing in my life, every single thing that just popped up. My diary became my dearest friend who knew all my thoughts and feelings. And let me tell you, I protected my diary for the dear life! I didn’t want anyone to find about my thoughts, they were all mine! Imagine someone could read your mind, that is how it felt and still feels when writing about your thoughts and feelings. You make yourself vulnerable because now all your thoughts and feelings that are normally in your head, are now put into words, and they are all out there!

This vulnerability did give me the opportunity to open up more about what exactly goes through me, I gave voice to the core of me. This is me now, realizing all these but back then, when I was writing it all down, I didn’t realize or was not conscious yet about all the effects it had on me. Of course, it made me feel calmer and more sensible, that is why I kept writing but I didn’t think it all through as I am doing now!

Here I am, in 2019, having lots of diaries to read back into, from my childhood love to the sickness of relatives, I have written it all down. About how certain situations made me feel or what I hoped to gain or what I have learned.

I even wrote things I did not understood back then, but reading it now, I can relate, understand! Even in this moment, I am still writing things about my life, things I do not understand but I sure hope my future self will laugh about it and will give more sense to it in a couple of years.

Filling in blank pages can be the scariest! Because attaching actual words to your emotions can make everything you are feeling even more real and intense. It does however eventually provide me calmness and control of my thoughts and feelings. I’ve been journaling now over 20 years and it has always been beneficial and I probably I will keep writing as long as I know how to.

What about you? Would you be willing to fill in those blank pages? Are you open and ready to word out your thoughts and feelings?